South African Bassist and all round BeachBUM Gregori Hofmann has been Jamming out since he was born!

Greg can be seen and heard on stages around the world! Dancing, Singing, Jamming, Yelling and Swimming everywhere.

Greg has jammed with muchos dudes and dudettes.

From the legendary Hammond Funk of the James Taylor Quartet to the King of Cheese himself Rick Astley.

From the intergalactic fury of Argentina's Juanma Nieto Collective to the beauty of Nashvilles Lauren Shera.

The sweet beauty and incredible storytelling in the Music of Marcus Foster has been supported by Greg's glorious B-lines for over 5 years and counting.

Greg has also toured with Nigerian Afrobeat/Jazz-Fusion Guitarist Adedeji and West African World Music Group Waaju.

Also funking up the universe throughout the UK and Europe with the Old school Funk and heavily JBs influenced, Jezebel Sextet. Also shredding the Fusion vibes with Sebastiaan Cornelissen!

Greg has done sessions at ITV, The BBC, radio shows, theatre shows(which make him depressed) and has played in just about every other situation where music exists.

Along with the many acts he plays with he is also a bandleader and is about to release his 3rd album on his label Marine Drive Records as well as a chilled folk vibe EP coming soon!

Greg particularly enjoys improvising with heavyweights who don't Eff around.

Here's a list of Bass Players who make Greg cry.

Jaco/Jamerson/Pino/Meshell/Raphael Saadiq/ Oteil Burbridge/Willie Weeks/Chuck Rainey/Bootsy!!!


Here are list of a few bands who make Greg sad/happy/depressed/chortle/stankface

Coltrane/Miles/Fleet Foxes/Zeppelin/Hendrix/Chick Corea/Weather Report/ Wayne Shorter/Bootsy/James Brown/Funkadelic/Paul Simon/ Joni/Cannonball Adderley/ Stevie/ Marvin Gaye/The Band/Bob Dylan/George Benson etc etc

If you put a gun to Greg's head and said 'Greg pick 3 artists you would love to play with or I'll shoot your face off!'

Greg might say in that situation 'James Brown, Miles in the Bitches Brew Period and Fleet Foxes!'

Then because the guy who asked Greg is so crazy (because he goes around  doing that to guys like Greg) he shoots Greg anyway and you will never get to play with Greg.

Greg only plays Fender Basses because they sound better than all the other basses.

Greg is currently touring and creating music with the Funk / Soul / Rock / Pop legend Seramic and also jamming out with Electro/Indie Songstress Thandii. Check them out!

''Wow! Amazing music! I need to get you down to Shapeshifter in Brooklyn!''Matthew Garrison

''Thank you Greg, for keeping the Funk alive!'' Bootsy Collins

''Holy Shit! Who is this Bass Player?'' Rick Rubin




  1. gregorihofmann
    September 6, 2016 @ 7:24 pm

    Hi Greg. Its Greg. You GO GIRL!

  2. Olivia
    May 25, 2017 @ 12:22 am

    Hi Greg. Its Olivia. You GO GURL!

  3. Marcus
    May 25, 2017 @ 12:25 am

    Hi Greg. Its Marcus. You GO GGGUUURRRRRRLLLLLL!!


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