Gregori Hofmann Trio ”An Offering” AVAILABLE NOW!

Here is the debut album ''An Offering'' from The Gregori Hofmann Trio in its entireity.

This album is dedicated to all those who have influenced us musically and in our lives.
It is on Youtube right now for free and it will be on iTunes and Spotify in a few weeks, released on my
new label 'Marine Drive Records'

I really want to thank Jamie Murray and Ronan McCullagh for being such a HUGE part of this and making this album sound the way it does. You guys are my BROS. Thank you for all the rehearsals and all the time and soul you guys put in right from day 1.

I want to thank Graham Godfrey for his hours and hours...and hours and hours....and hours.....and hours of time and effort. Not only just playing on the album but also helping produce and then engineering, mixing and mastering the whole thing! I was a big time diva but what can I do!??!! THANK YOU my burrr!

I want to thank Tobias Miorin for helping to engineer and produce two of the tracks (moments notice and interlude) and for giving a lot of good advice along the way.

A HUGE thank you to Binker Golding for coming in on that day of days and just laying down take after take of the most redonkulous lines I've heard. Every note you played took the music to another place and your vibe and tone on the tenor and soprano sax is unlike anything I have ever heard! GOOD LAAAWDD THANK YOU FOR THAT!

Thank you to my sister in law Buket Tanaydin for giving us that beautiful voice and creating such a beautiful melody on 9 Crimes. I literally get goosebumps every time I hear it. THANK YOU SOOOOOO Much..

Another big thank you to my wife Dilek for putting up with a good year of late night chats with what ifs......? Maybes....? Recording Techniques abd some Lydian Augmented scales on Half Diminished chords''
I know you secretly love it all. Thank you for your support and patience.

I hope everyone enjoys it!
Take care.