A preview of the Debut Album ”An Offering” from The Gregori Hofmann Experiment

An Offering to me is more than just a gift
It's a thank you letter to all the inspirational people I've encountered in my life.

Family,wife, friends, the people of South Africa who are vibrant and passionate . The ocean and the surroundings I grew up living in. A country with such an amazing history.

Huge inspiration comes to me from musicians like Coltrane and Miles, Sonny Rollins, Charlie Parker and Wayne Shorter. Who I have learnt so much from musically and through their approaches to life and practice .

Got to say thank you to my fellow bass players. Guys like Matthew garrison, Damian Erskine and Hadrien Feraud. Who while taking the instrument to the next level are also amazing composers and teachers.

HUGE THANK YOU to my band Jamie and Ronan who both brought so much to the project and gave so much time and put their heart and soul into the rehearsals and the recording. Big thank you also to Binker Golding for his amazing Sax playing. He really took the whole album to the next level and it was inspirational to hear him in the studio play line after line of the most amazing melodies. Another HUGEEEEEEE thank you to Graham Godfrey for putting soooooo much of his time into recording, mixing, mastering and helping to produce the album. I really appreciate all the time and advice so much.

Thanks for checking out the video and just to let you know I have begun writing music for the follow up already and I think its gonna be the DOOOIPESTT!